Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Letter to New D-Moms


I am sitting across the table from you.

You drop your head because the inevitable gush of tears is too strong to be held back one moment longer.

I reach over the table to hold your hand with a silent, “it’s okay.”

When the permission to cry opens the flood gates for a first “someone gets it” cry, I get up and come sit next to you and share that emotionally raw cry with you.

And you let me, a virtual stranger . . . because I’ve been there.

That’s what I would do if I could get to you.

And then here are some things I would say to you:

    1. We are same-same (credit to Reyna from Beta Buddies).

    2. It’s okay to hurt … to literally ache inside and out.

    3. All your emotions are REAL and VALID and NECESSARY.

    4. You MUST let yourself grieve the life before diagnosis; life will never be the same.

    5. You have a friend, a resource (although I certainly do not know all the answers) and someone who understands where you are today in me.

And after you understand that I hurt like you do, I get all the emotions, I too have days still that seem like they are too much to bear with this crazy, time-consuming, mentally and emotionally exhausting disease, I also have these words for you:

  • Life may be hard, but it can still be good.
  • You are NOT alone.

Hang in there.

And know that I am here — along with a whole host of individuals and families in the DOC (diabetes online community) who get it and want to share the journey with you.

Much Love,


P.S.  If you would like to walk through the beginning of our journey and meet me when I was where you are, scroll down the right side of the blog on the home page and go to “Categories” and the go to “Diabetes – The 1st Year.”   I began blogging two and a half months after diagnosis on March 1, 2010.

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