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Ethan’s Question

My amazing 13 year old. He is so stinkin’ tall!!

So, my 13-year-old, non-diabetic son walks in the kitchen while I am making dinner and begins to pour himself a glass of milk.

And rather nonchalantly asks me this question:

“Mom, if you had one wish, would you wish that Ryan never had diabetes . . .

And I stopped dead in my tracks, looked up at him and thought, what kind of a question is that?  And before I could answer, he continued:

” . . . or would you wish that Ryan didn’t have diabetes from right now on?”

Still frozen and silent, trying desperately to process my thoughts as he still has not made eye contact with me and is now working to guzzle a very large glass of milk in one breath.

As I open my mouth to respond, he says:

“I was just thinking that I would wish for him to be cured now, not wish he never had it.  We have met so many awesome people that we would have never met without diabetes. Plus, who we are as a family and all that we have learned, it would all be different if he never had diabetes.  You know?”

Then he immediately asked to go to the park with his friends before I could even comment.

Better that way I guess.  He doesn’t always need to see his mom well up with tears.


Wisdom from a Teenager!

Morgan, my niece, turns 13 today.  It’s amazing to think that this first niece of mine, who was the cause of me breaking all speed records driving in from college to make it for her grand entrance into the world, is now at the beginning of the wonderfully awful teenage years.  As I was thinking of her a few moments ago, I thought of several weeks back when she managed to put me in my place and bring me to tears . . . WITH HOPE!

You must know before I share this story, that Ryan, our T1 child, has always been called “our miracle,”  and all of our family and friends are well aware of that.  We had four miscarriages between Ethan and Ryan; we slowly began to think that it was possibly not in God’s plan for us to have a second child.  But after much prayer, from hundreds of people, God gave us Ryan.

About four weeks or so after diagnosis, I was on FarmTown (for those of you familiar with FarmTown, no one need to make fun; for those of you not familiar, it’s a game on Facebook) and connected with a lady I knew years ago in Baltimore.   She visited my “farm” and we began instant messaging and catching up on life.  Morgan came to visit me on my farm to “harvest my crops” (again, if you are not a FarmTown fan, leave it alone!).  Ruth and I were chatting while Morgan was “working”, but Morgan can see the conversation. 

When I told Ruth about Ryan and diabetes, she asked, as several have, if he will/could “grow out of it.”  I explained that it is a lifelong disease that needs a cure and that “barring a miracle from God, he would have it for the rest of his life.”  By this time, Morgan was finished her job and was evidently reading the conversation but had not said anything . . . yet.  The next post in the conversation box I read was from her, and I quote, “I don’t mean to butt in on the converstation, but Ryan always has been our miracle baby.”  I had no words, could not stop the tears and was astounded at the wisdom for this near teen.  Slapped me right in the face and reminded me that God is still in the business of miracles and Ryan is already our miracle . . . why not trust Him for more?

I love you, Morgan, and wanted to thank you for “butting in”.  Happy Birthday, girl!!